Video & Film Production

From grime videos in Birmingham to documentary filmmaking on Mount Everest.

It’s been an interesting journey…



I’m Carl, and I set up Zedmill 10 years ago for one reason: to travel the world for interesting and original stories, using the power of film and video to give a platform to people and communities without a voice.


What started as a way to make cool videos for wannabe rap stars in Brum, has led me on a journey across Europe, coastal Africa, and south-east Asia. Finding stories, engaging with people, and harnessing my craft, to create visual stories that make an impact.

Whether it be for a life-changing charity, adventurous documentary, or a corporation selling I.T., I believe in the power of visual storytelling and it’s ability to communicate human messages like no other medium. In short, my skill is in crafting stories through video & film to tell your story in the most effective way possible.


Working with global corporations, major brands, charities, and ad agencies, I bring
a storytelling mindset to every video I direct, edit, and write. Crafting quality content that changes perspectives, creates awareness,
and makes your audience,

look again.